Our Story

Every year growing up I always looked forward to my Mum's carrot cake. She'd always bake it for Christmas or special occasions and each time she made it, the cake was gone within minutes, sometimes I only got one slice!

In 2023 my Mum sadly passed away losing her battle to cancer. She was always such a strong human being and always taught us all how to be kind and smile everyday. She will always inspire me each and every day.

At Christmas in 2022, she showed me the family recipe for this carrot cake I've loved eating growing up. I baked my first carrot cake with her guidance and when the whole cake was eaten within minutes she gave me a big smile :)

When she passed away, I was determined to share the love and warmth that her carrot cake had always brought. This is where Karrot Bakery was born. I experimented with various twists on the family recipe, from Chocolate carrot cake to Lemon Meringue carrot cake. With my family as my trusted taste testers, I’ve refined many flavours over the past year ready to start Karrot Bakery!

I want to dedicate Karrot Bakery to my beautiful Mum, Julie. This original recipe has been passed down through generations, with a few tweaks along the way. I know she'll be here guiding me each and every step of this journey.


  • Kyle Bashford

    Owner/Head Baker

  • Liam Bashford

    Owner/Head of Media

  • Trevor Bashford

    Head of Sales

  • Pierce Bashford

    Head of Design